Sergi Constance workout routine & diet plan

Sergi Constance motivational workout

Sergi Constance is a Spanish fitness model, an amazing performer also an IFBB cardholder, and one of the best fitness male icons in the world. Sergi is also won many international bodybuilding competitions. He is the WBFF pro muscles model champion and also a sponsored athlete from Spain. His body is like a great physique and looking very hot like his abs, he is featured on the cover model of Many international magazines like Muscle and Fitness, Iron Man, and others.

Sergi Constance Stats:

Height:  6' feet 1' inch
Weight:  207 lbs [Approx 94 kg]

Age:  32 years old

Week Routine: 3-4 days of the week

Sergi Constance's fan following is very great because many people even consider him one of the best aesthetic bodybuilder in the world. His dedication level is very high and his body is made purely by years of hard work and strictly follows workout and diet plan.

Let's see the Sergi Constance Motivational workout  routine and diet plan

Sergi Constance Workout Routine

The Sergi Constance workout routine is a dedication of hard work and contains only bodybuilding exercises. Normally, he spends 2 to 3 hours on his training in the gym. He follows a 5-day split plan, spread out over 7 days. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is Sergi's rest day.

Sergi Constance loves bodybuilding that is why he follows a very strict workout routine. we will see the weekly routine of Sergi Constance.

Monday - Calves / Quads

Leg Extension
9 sets × 20 reps

4 sets × 9, 15 reps

Leg Press
4 sets × 9, 15 reps

Another Leg Extension
3 times for every 20 counts

Seated Calve Raises
4 sets × 12, 28 reps

Standing Clave Raises
3 sets ×  9, 12 raises

Bench Press
5 sets × 9, 15 reps

Hammer Press
4 sets × 9, 15 hammer presses

Dumbell Flat Fly's
4 sets × 10 reps

Cheat Presses
4 sets × 9, 12 reps

3 sets × 10,20 reps

Triceps extension
3 sets × 9, 15 times

Lat Pulldown 
4 rounds × 10 times

Low Row 
4 rounds × 10 reps

One Arm Dumbell
3 sets × 8, 15 reps

Reverse Lat Pulldown
3 rounds × 8, 15 counts

4 sets × 10 reps

Hammer Curl
3 sets × 8, 20 reps

Preacher One Arm Dumbbell
3 sets × 8, 15 reps

Thursday - Rest Day / Leg Day

This day is Sergi Constance's rest day. 

Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press
4 sets × 8, 20 reps

Seated Lateral Side Raises
4 round × 20 counts

Rear Deltped- Ek
4 sets × 8, 20 reps

Upright Extension
4 sets × 8, 15 reps

Dumbell Shrugs
5 sets × 8, 20 reps

Lying Leg Curl
4 sets × 8, 20 reps

Stiff-Legged Deadlift
4 sets × 6, 12 reps

Hamstring One Leg Curls
4 rounds × 10, 20 times

Sunday - Rest Day

This day is Sergi Constance's rest day. 

Sergi Constance diet plan is very well- balanced with fair protein, vitamins, Carbs, other nutrients. He also drinks a lot of water for healthy hydration and recovers all the water. 

He avoids junk food, always prefers good healthy food with nutrients, fresh and prepared in advance, not eats overcooked and oily, maintain diet very strictly.

He eats 6 meals a day with lots of carbs and protein-filled in those meals.

Let's check his meal plan routine -

Breakfast Meal Plan

• 2 whole egg and 6 rice cakes
• Cottage cheese

Second Meal Plan

• Red meat, steak
• walnuts or almonds
• Rice, cakes

Lunch Meal Plan

• Rice
• Chicken, Walnuts
• Veggies like Tomatoes and other

Fourth Meal Plan

• Whey protein shake
• Rice cakes, Avocado
• Glutamine

Fifth Meal Plan

• Tuna and Tuna salad
• Walnuts
• Veggies

Dinner Meal Plan

• Fish, Chicken breast
• Walnuts, Salmon salad
• Some Veggies

So this information has been taken from official research on many social media platforms. I hope this information is also helpful to you.

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