Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong on July 16, 1983. She is one of the most popular fittest, hottest, sexiest actresses in the world; also she is the most beautiful actress in Bollywood. Katrina is a beautiful diva and one of the highest-paid actresses in Bollywood. Her acting skill is costly. Katrina got the first break in Bollywood when a filmmaker spotted her at a fashion show and selected her for his film Boom” in 2003.

Starting years gets low for her, but in today’s time, she is a top actress in Bollywood. Her first most successful film was Salman khan starter Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya”She also gets nominated for Filmfare best actress for her role in “New York.”

Katrina is also known for her acting skills, beauty, and sexy figure. She strictly follows her daily routine like workouts schedule and diet plan that’s the reason why she is looking glowing and fittest. 

Katrina Kaif Stats:


5′ ft 8” inches / 1.91 m


120 lbs / 55 kg 


37 years old

Katrina Kaif Workout Routine


Katrina likes to create her own workout routine. She is also has been a fitness enthusiast and likes to challenge daily herself. Katrina’s workout schedule involves pilates as well as Yoga, cardio, Weight training, and functional pieces of training. Pilates which is helps to maintain her attractive tone figure. She also focuses on trendy workouts and switches like to use in TRX, Basu ball, Powerplants, Kettlebells, Swiss Balls when exercising.

Yasmin Karachiwala says about Katrina;

Kat is the extreme and fittest girl and she doesn’t shy from any kind of challenge. many times I can plan any workout for her and know she’ll successfully complete it. She maintains very high fitness levels because of her existing fitness level we plan a workout to achieve the desired results.

She does a mix of squats, push-ups to make her energy, situps, Lunges make her more strong and improve her agility, seven times in week she exercises regularly 1-3 hours daily. let’s see the Katrina Kaif workout routines –

Katrina heads to run or goes jogging every day in the morning it keeps her active body full day and builds strong bones

She also uses the trendy workouts TRX, Bosu, Kettlebells, Powerplate, Swiss balls, Medicine

Also, she loves swimming, it helps strengthen her muscles.

If she goes to the gym, she mostly consists of core and abs which includes Running, iso-planking, cycling as her daily morning activities
She regularly practices yoga for physical as well as to strong mental peace well being, yoga makes her lean figure.

Here we can see, Katrina Kaif with Yasmin Karachiwala shares her 20-minute home workout routine as the gyms are closed.

• Squat and side leg lifts – 3 sets × 20 reps
• Reverse lunges – 3 sets × 15 reps
• Sit-ups – 3 sets × 20 reps
• Push-ups – 3 sets ×15 reps (Incline pushups or knee pushups)
• Plant to the ‘T’ – 3 sets ×15 reps
• Mountain Climbers – 3 sets × 4 slow and 15 tempo

Katrina Kaif Diet Plan

Katrina strictly follows his diet routine. Diet plays an important role in her fitness as her workout routine getting lean so focuses on getting enough protein, fiber, complex, carbs, and healthy fats. Katrina Kaif follows and a healthy diet to stay fit.

Katrina kaif diet meal plan

Her meals revolve around oats for breakfast, a mid-morning snack of fruits, veggies, and fish for lunch, sandwiches in the evening, and soup and eggs for dinner. This food gives her energy and protein.

She drinks a lot of water for hydrated herself.

In Breakfast, she likes to eat oatmeal, cereals, white eggs, a glass of fresh pomegranate juice.

Her Lunch includes boiled rice with veggies, legumes, and green salad lunch for energy and stamina, protein.

She has brown bread with peanut butter in the evening.

For Dinner, She has dal, chapattis, vegetables soup with a green salad.

Katrina avoids fried food and eats fewer carbs.

She keeps motivating a lot of her fans to stay fit and healthy by sharing her workout videos, pictures, and official tips. 

So this information has been taken from numerous interviews also given to various press media and officials’ websites. Hope this information is also helpful to you.