Dino James Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Dino James workout and diet

Dino was born on a Ghoradongri Madhya Pradesh. He is the most popular Indian Rapper, Singer, Composer, and Lyrist. His rap songs are very unique that he uploads on his personal youtube channel. He started a youtube career with the song Girlfriend. Dino got more than 17+ million subscribers on his youtube channel and his songs are more than based on his personal life struggles. 

Dino has written many songs like Girlfriend, Hancock, Yaddain, Unstoppable, Achi Maza Aayi, Thanks a Lot, Kaalia, and Mirage is his new song.

He started his youtube channel on August 27, 2011, and today's time he is one of the most famous YouTuber in the World and currently has 4.37 million subscribers with 21 videos and 281.82 million total views on Youtube.

Dino James Stats: 

Height: 5' feet 10' inches, 182 cm

Weight: 78 kg and 171lbs

Age: 29 yers

Week Routine: 5 days

Dino's songs are very inspiring and motivating to the young generation. and he proved never to give up in every bad situation.

Today we will see Dino James's Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

Dino James 
Workout Routine
[week plan]

Dino James perfect routine

Dino James workouts between enclosed significant muscle building and physical exercise as well as lighter fitness, and additional resistance fitness. He works really hard in the gym. His workout is a bit of exercise with always around the 6 days of the week 2 hours workouts and He's strickly following his workout routine.

Monday - Back Day 

Singel-Arm dumbbell row 

4 sets × 4-6 reps

Pull-ups [weighted]

2 sets × 4-6 reps

Lat pulldown

3 sets × 8-10 reps

Seated cable row

3 sets × 6-8 reps

Cable crunches sets

3-4 sets × 10-12 reps

This exercise builds his back muscles strong.

Tuesday - Chest Day 

Dumbbell bench press

3 sets × 8 reps

Incline bench press

4 sets × 4-6 reps

Cable crossover

2 sets × 10-12 reps

Face pulls

3-4 sets × 8-10 reps

This exercise builds his chest muscles strong.

Wednesday - Rest Day

• This day is Dino's rest day.

• Rest, stretch, soft tissue work, generally optional cardio.

Thursday - Lower Body Day 

Leg press

3 sets × 4-6 reps

3 sets × 4-6 reps

Seated or Standing Calf raise

5 sets × 10-15 reps


3 sets × 10-12 reps

Lunges [per leg]

2 sets × 6-8 reps

Cable woodchoppers [per side]

3 sets × 10-15 reps

This exercise builds his lower body muscles strong.

Friday - Upper Body Day

Weighted pull-ups 

3 sets × 6-8 reps

Dumbell seated press

3 sets × 6-8 reps

cable crosser sets

3 sets × 10-12 reps

Side deltoid raises

3 sets × 10-12 reps

Rear  deltoid raises

2 sets × 10-12 reps

Barbell curl sets

3-4 sets × 8-10 reps

Tricep rope extension overhead

3-4 sets × 8-10 reps

Saturday - Rest 

 This day is another Dino's rest day

 Dino's recovers his body by resting.

 Rest, stretch, soft tissue work, generally optional cardio.

Sunday - Rest

 Also has a rest day, he recovers his body by resting.

 Rest, stretch, soft tissue work, generally optional cardio.

Dino James
Diet Plan
[week plan]

Dino James diet secrets

Dino James strictly follows his diet plan. Dino's diet is followed by a protein-rich food diet plan balanced with fruits, vegetables, carbs, and nutritious food. In the diet plan, his normal source of diet is meat and fish. He consists of no fewer clean meals per single day.

4 eggs whites, 1 egg, fat- free milk, orange juice, 50g cheese, 1 banana, oatmeal

Yogurt, protein shake, cottage cheese, mixed nuts

150 gm rice, 5 chicken breasts, fat-free milk

Yogurt, 4 salmon fillets, fat-free milk, 100 g asparagus, 100 g quinoa

4 boiled eggs, 2 brown bread slices, protein shake.

He hits the snacks and supplements. before he goes to bed, he will have a serving of magnesium and zinc supplements to help aid muscle recovery while helping the body become calm before going to bed. 

So this information has been taken from numerous interviews also given to various press media and official websites. Hope this information is also helpful to you.  

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