Start to follow the rules to be happy and healthier.  But how to live a happy life it’s a critical question in your mind because life is stupendously confusing and challenging. certain time we think money brings all the happiness, but it does not sure. You’ve decided to improve your habits as well as happy and great. The habits can decide your lifestyle and focus on the goals.

So get up and working on your healthy habits now will ensure you only live long but live well. these habits are very beneficial for your future life.

summary :

There are so many ways you can improve your habits to make without any distraction and disruption to the daily schedule.


  wake up in the early morning
 Drink more water
 Spend time in nature
  Positive thoughts
  Healthy eating
  Identify negative persons
  Try to learn something new every day
 Feel your feelings
  Plan your daily activities

Here, I’m sharing 10 simple habits to make you healthier and happier

1. Wake up in the early morning

Waking early is one of the best habits you can easily do it.  Getting up early gives you a start for the day very fresh. The morning quiet is a perfect time for health medication, reading, writing articles, and others, Exercise, Yoga.


Go for the walk or a run, or do some workouts try to going swimming, jogging, or walking a few times of the week.

One very significant benefit of waking up early is strong mental fitness or reduced stress level.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea. These make your morning better.

2. Drink more water

Around 60 percent of the body is made up of water, and 90 percent of the blood that’s called water is a lot important to stay healthier. Commonly recommended around the eight-ounces 230 to 240 ml glasses water per day. 

Drinking water

Set a daily water intake goal can help you drink more water to make positive changes in the body.

Drinking water in soda can help with weight loss.

Start the habit of drink water before the bathroom.

Use a tracking app to count water intake.

Filtered water could be more useful to the body.

Keeping one water bottle throughout the day can help you drink more water.

Water plays many roles in the body, which can help maintain blood pressure and electrolyte balance, body temperature, promoting cell health.

3. Spend time in nature

In today’s nature, we spend most of our time on a digital platform, browsing the internet, chatting, video calls, watching movies and clips, and other digital platforms, but this is a rare problem. spending time in nature is best and refresh your brain from stress, spending time in the parks like (early morning jogging), green nature, camping, trips, basking in sunlight, natural beauties can impact your brain.


Spending time in nature (like parks & open space) can be boosted happiness and immunity power.

If you live in green nature, you’re less likely to be depressed and stress.

Sunlight is beneficial because it is a process of the creation and activation of vitamin D.

Sunlight and darkness trigger release hormones in the brain that can be boosting mood and helping a person feel amazing and refreshed.

4. Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking is most important to boost your mental health. some environmental studies show that personality traits such as optimism and pessimism can affect your health and wealth but positive thinking awakens happiness.


If positive thinking does not come as naturally, there are coming of the best reasons to start maximum cultivating affirmative in your mind and minimizing negative self-talk.

Happiness does do not depend on external causes, it depends on your positive thinking.

Thinking positively helps you accomplish dreams, life goals, achievements, that would be easier to complete. It will also motivate you to achieve more than success in life.

Loving yourself, being good and positive yourself, and always happy any in conditions are the expressions of a positive attitude.

Learning books of positive mindsets is very beneficial.

5. Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Our body requires energy to perform all the basic functions of the body like; digestion of food, keeping it warm, immune system, stress levels. Energy substances are already a form of nutrients in a variety of foods. 

Healthy eating

Following a healthy eating routine, you can see is lowering the risk of heart diseases. 

Healthy eating habits are beneficial because they help you gain weight loss, a better lifestyle, and efficiency.

This habit will help you to boost your mind and reduce stress levels and provide the best digestive system.

Good nutrition food protect you from the risk of chronic diseases like cancer and other harmful diseases.

6. Identify Negative persons

Negative people bring others down, sometimes you can see they enjoy doing. so what should you do when faced with negative people, family members, relatives, and others? listen carefully, offering a compassionate ear, and passing phase their negativity. This fact is very beneficial!


Negative difficult persons are properly locked into a negative mindset that is the fabric of their personality If they do not stop their comments, avoid theirs.

Spending time with a negative person can be the fastest way to run a refreshed mood, convert negativity into a positive mindset.

7. Try to Learn something new every day

There are a lot of good, practical reasons to make learning something new every day is the best habit in daily routine. Learning helps you to more easily and readily adapt to new situations. 


Learning depends on our characters and makes us more inspiring.

Books and the internet are your guide friends, you can also pick a new skill to learn and practice daily. It’s very important to keep your mind open.

You can read books, articles, newspaper articles to expand your awareness that can help improve the mindset.

8. Feel Your Feelings

The habits and feelings are linked very closely. To feel better, pick better thoughtsTypes of feelings like that emotional, happy, inspirational, motivational, and sad, etc; when you do something as habitually, it feels natural and you feel impelled to do it. You can express your feelings without making people upset. To feel better, pick better thoughts.


So it’s not quite as good as might think, you might hope but feels positive yourself.

Being mentally strong isn’t about stifling your emotion and ignoring pain and stress. If you take the strength to allow yourself to feel sad, scared, and anxious, it feels positive for you.

9.  Plan Your Daily Activities

listen, understand the value of planning and preparation. Set our goals on the order of season and years, but what we do each day, the habits we adopt, the task we complete it. Daily activities are few things that impact your productivity, happiness, positive things like building better routines and habits.


Start your daily planning session at a fixed time every day by setting an alarm. 

Daily planning is easier to build when we see the results of our dedication. Planning your day perfect is a habit that pays off immediately.

You must break your bad habit of daily activities of procrastination, and replace it with one good plan. This will help motivate you to daily activities.

10. Keep Rest

Good rest is incredibly important to your health. Rest is important because it enables one to repair the body and be fit and ready for another fresh day. Getting enough rest is essential for helping a person maintain optimal health and well-being. Nothing is more important than getting some rest.

Poor sleep is linked to weight gain, Seeling too little has also been linked to overeating.

Good sleep can improve your concentration, productivity, performance, and decrease your stress level.

Improve your sleep schedule, sleep is simply too important to shortchange and sacrifice. This is beneficial for you.

In the article, we learned about simple habits or healthy lifestyle routines that you can apply in your day-by-day life. Trying to take your habits to the next level or These habits can change your life, do your best result required. If you put in the effort and continue to work on your habits regularly, you will see your life transform into Healthy life and positive energy. create healthy daily habits with these 10 beneficial ideas and get healthier, stronger, and happier every day. 

So, these 10 beneficial simple habits are making your day healthier and happier.